Nike sues Lululemon for patent infringement over at-home Mirror gym and fitness apps

Nike sues Lululemon for patent infringement over at-home Mirror gym and fitness apps

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Nike on Wednesday filed a lawsuit accusing Lululemon of patent infringement over the apparel maker’s at-home Mirror fitness device and related mobile applications.

Nike claims that in 1983, it invented and filed a patent application on a device for determining
a runner’s speed, distance traversed, elapsed time and calories expended. It has also since launched a range of popular mobile apps such as Nike Run Club and Nike Training Club.

The company said it holds a number of other fitness equipment patents that Lululemon is infringing on by selling Mirror, a wall-mounted device that guides users through a variety of high-intensity cardio classes and other exercises.

Lululemon bought Mirror for $500 million in 2020 amid a rush among consumers to workout at home during the Covid pandemic. The device puts Lululemon incompetition with rivals such as Peloton, Hydrow and Tonal.

Prior to filing the lawsuit, Nike said, it notified Lululemon on Nov. 3 of the alleged infringement and that the leggings maker dismissed Nike’s claims. The suit was filed in Manhattan federal court.

A spokesperson for Lululemon didn’t immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Lululemon shares were more than 4% Wednesday afternoon. Nike shares were last down around 2% amid a broader market sell-off.

Lululemon is currently embroiled in another legal battle, with Peloton. In late November, it filed a patent lawsuit against the connected fitness company in a feud over the designs of its sports bras and leggings.

Peloton had earlier sought a court’s declaration that it has not infringed on any of Lululemon’s patents. The company has maintained that its own athletic apparel merchandise is easy to decipher from Lululemon’s. Lululemon, though, is asking for damages and other monetary relief.

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