Melinda French Gates Sells Large Chunk of Canadian National Railway Stock

Melinda French Gates Sells Large Chunk of Canadian National Railway Stock

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Melinda French Gates.
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Melinda French Gates sold a large chunk of her investment in Canadian National Railway , and although she still has a substantial investment in the railway, her ownership level is now below a regulatory reporting threshold.

French Gates sold 3.7 million Canadian National (ticker: CNI) shares from Dec. 9-16 for $467 million, an average price per share of $127.84. According to a regulatory form filed by Cascade Investment, the vehicle of her former husband, Microsoft (MSFT) co-founder Bill Gates, French Gates now owns 20 million shares, and another 13 million shares through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Trust, where she serves as a trustee.

French Gates didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment left with her company, Pivotal Ventures.

Her overall ownership of 33 million shares represents a stake of 4.7% based on 707.3 million shares outstanding. Now that her ownership level is below 5%, French Gates is no longer obligated to disclose future sales.

Bill Gates’ overall ownership of Canadian National shares stands at 81.8 million, an 11.6% stake.

Canadian National is one of a number of stocks Bill Gates had transferred ownership of to French Gates earlier this year. Their divorce was completed in August.

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