Why Quant May Soon Break Out to Fresh All-time Highs ($QNT)

Why Quant May Soon Break Out to Fresh All-time Highs ($QNT)

By Deron Wagner | September 29, 2021


Leading cryptocurrency Quant ($QNT) is now poised for potential breakout from a bullish pennant pattern. Here is a simple chart walk-through that shows you why $QNT may be one of the top crypto swing trade setups in the market now!

On September 23, we sold $QNT in the Model Crypto Portfolio for a quick gain of +13.5% on a 3-day crypto swing trade.

Now, Quant is once again setting up for a lower-risk buy entry on a pullback to major area of key price support.

Continue reading for a quick walk-through of the crypto swing trade setup, then get ready to profit from a potentially massive breakout to fresh all-time highs in $QNT.

Quant rallies to +75% in model portfolio

On August 8, we first alerted Morpheus Crypto subscribers of our initial buy entry into $QNT.

The following week, we highlighted the bullish chart pattern of $QNT in our August 16 post, then analyzed Quant further in 3 Explosive Cryptos Setting Up for Potential Buy Entry Now a few days later.

$QNT has continued trending steadily higher since then, and is currently showing a price gain of +75% in the Model Crypto Portfolio.

But separately from that position, $QNT is now setting up for potential pullback buy entry that could soon lead to a massive breakout.

$QNT Buy Setup: Breakout entry walk-through

$QNT has been chopping around in a range the past few days, but is now coming into a support area of triple price convergence.

On the daily chart of $QNT below, notice how the following three technical support levels all converge in the same area:

50-day moving average (red line)Dominant uptrend lineSupport of prior swing lows

Press to view full-sized image

With this type of chart pattern, odds favor an upside breakout of the pennant.

However, we would not be surprised to first see a quick undercut and shakeout below obvious support that swiftly snaps back.

If $QNT breaks out to the upside, watch for higher volume to confirm the breakout.

Buy Entry

We are looking for a potential buy trigger price for swing trade entry above the $310 area.

Specifically, we are looking for $QNT to break out above the downtrend line from its all-time highs:

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A move above the $310 level would also put $QNT back above resistance of its 50-MA on the 4-hour chart–a useful indicator in our trading strategy.

As always, we will instantly alert crypto subscribers of exact trade details if we re-enter $QNT in anticipation of another winning crypto swing trade.

Remember to trade what you see, not what you think!

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